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Taylor Davis is an American violinist that composes her own music. Taylor is best known for her violin covers of music from video games, and has grew her audience through her YouTube channel. She also features her own renditions and performances from musicals and films. From July 2013 on-wards, se began releasing her own original compositions as well.

During 2012, Davis released two albums and an assortment of singles. The first album is called Gaming Fantasy, and it features tunes from various video games arranged for violin. Six months later An Enchanted Christmas was released (as the name suggests, this album contains a collection of warm re-arrangements of several Christmas songs). In January 2013, Davis published her third album called Game On: 2 Player mode. It has been co-produced and arranged along with Australian pianist Lara de Wit. With the help of a MIDI keyboard and the DAW "Logic Pro", Davis created all of the orchestral backtracks for these works. Legendary Movie Music, the fourth album, was released in July 2013. Davis released two more albums: Melodies of Hyrule: Songs from "The Legend of Zelda" in November 2013 and The Anime and Game Collection in July 2014. Three months later, in October, Davis launched a crowdfunding campaign for the creation of her seventh album, the first one made up exclusively of original music. The platform chosen for this project was PledgeMusic. The campaign achieved its goal in around a week, and the new album, entitled Taylor Davis, was released in March 2015 and debuted at #10 on the Billboard Classical Charts.

Taylor Davis was born on March 20, 1987 at Western Springs, Illinois. Her passion for video games began when she was a child, especially since her older brother often involved her in his gaming sessions. Davis started playing violin at the age of 8, while in elementary school, after being inspired by a young girl's performance of "Silent Night" on the violin at a school assembly. Davis was heavily bullied in middle school; it was a sad and lonely time for her. This lasted until she started attending high school, where she met her future husband, Jarred, who shared and supported her passions and interests, which helped Davis regain her self-confidence. They married in 2011, after being best friends for 14 years. While in high school, Davis began playing video games music, and introduced this genre (especially tracks taken from Final Fantasy series) into the school's ambient. Later, Davis attended Gonzaga University, where she worked to introduce video game music to the college orchestra and quartet members. Because of her influence, some of the game music would be played at weddings and other gigs. Davis graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Public Relations, and a minor degree in Violin Performance. After attending college, she intended to get into the profession of scoring music for games, films, or other media. It did not work out at the time, so she took a business job for a short period, while at the same time posting YouTube videos on the side (as a classically trained violinist, she was looking for a way to keep music a part of her life.) Davis worked as a Marketing/PR person for a non-profit organization until November 2011; then she decided to quit her job, so she could concentrate all her efforts into developing her career through YouTube.

Davis started her first YouTube channel under the pseudonym "ViolinTay" on April 29, 2010. Since then, she captured media and people's attention, thanks to her top-notch technique and versatility, and the continuous growth of subscribers and video-views on her channel. As of 2015, Davis' first channel's statistics are: 158 videos posted, over 200,000,000 video-views and over 1,000,000 subscribers. Her most popular video (which has collected over 18,000,000 views) is entitled "He's a Pirate", where she plays an intense re-arrangement of Klaus Badelt's track which is featured in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. On March 23, 2015, almost five years after the launch of her first channel, Davis started a second YouTube channel titled "Behind the Strings", which is focused on sharing more aspects of Davis' activity to the audience. As of 2015, her second channel's statistics are: 26 videos posted, over 18,000 subscribers and over 200,000 video-views.

In October 2013, Critical Hit band's debut took place. This is a group formed by top-notch musicians, led by Jason Hayes (keyboardist and composer of World of Warcraft video game's soundtrack) and Michael Gluck (entrepreneur and pianist under the pseudonym "Piano Squall"). Davis joined the band in the same year, and beyond her, Hayes and Gluck, the other band members are: composer Adam Gubman, keyboardist David Paich (Toto's co-founder); violinists Michelle Jade, Caroline Campbell and Molly Rogers; bassists Carlitos del Puerto and Tim MacDonald; cellists Tina Guo, Ginger Murphy and Leah Metzler; percussionists Doug Belote, Joel Taylor and Kevin Dooley; guitarists Kole Hicks, Nita Strauss, Chet Stevens and Laurence Juber; pianist Salome Scheidegger; flutists Sara Andon, Shannon Canchola, and the "World Music" woodwinds-reeds-wind synthesizers specialist Pedro Eustache. The band published its first album in the same period.
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Born: March 20, 1987
Birthplace:Western Springs, Illinois, USA

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