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Clicking on "Latest" on the front page is currently not showing the latest videos posted.   The last video shown in Latest is the "Pokimane Laying Down" video from 6 hours ago. 

Clicking on DeepFake Porn, then scrolling past "Vidoes Being Watched" to the "Most Recent" list does show the latest videos -- with 3 new videos posted since the Pokimane video.    I assume most frequent visitors work from the "Latest" screen, so hope this can be fixed as it is pretty much killing the views on new videos posted.     I have 15 views in 30 min for the latest Margot video on a Saturday night.  Ouch!

Now working.

I know there is a top rated and most viewed section, but I wish there was some sort of top 10/20 page showcasing the most realistic deepfakes of the past month.

It would be a page to showcase how far along the technology is advancing, though it would probably have to be hand-picked by mods...

Perhaps even just a thread in the forums somewhere showcasing the best deepfakes the website has to offer.

Anyways just a suggestion.

Obviously its better to have more, but would you rather have speed over quality? What should you sacrifice for performance?

I am completely new to this world of deep fakes. However, I am working on a very unique and custom private in home project that is Twilight zone/Disney related and desperately need a custom :40 sec. Deepfake of Rod Serling. The voice/script is already handled by a voice actor. I just need the video. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm willing to pay (PayPal or any other reasonable means) and budget isn't really an issue. Just need quality and preferably fast work. Thanks!

Below is a link to the YouTube channel which is documenting the entire build and set design. The second link is to the custom narration/voice impersonation of rod selling that is to be e used. 

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

It seems that there is no batch file for people with one CPU with built-in CPU and one graphic board in the system.

The following files can be created.

4) data_src extract faces S3FD best GPU.bat
5) data_dst extract faces S3FD best GPU.bat

4) data_src extract faces S3FD best GPU.bat

@echo off
call _internal\setenv.bat

    --input-dir "%WORKSPACE%\data_src" ^
    --output-dir "%WORKSPACE%\data_src\aligned" ^
    --detector s3fd ^
    --output-debug ^
    --force-gpu-idxs 0


5) data_dst extract faces S3FD best GPU.bat

@echo off
call _internal\setenv.bat

    --input-dir "%WORKSPACE%\data_dst" ^
    --output-dir "%WORKSPACE%\data_dst\aligned" ^
    --detector s3fd ^
    --output-debug ^
    --force-gpu-idxs 0


Download URL
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I accept donations for Amazon Japan gift card.

E-mail: [email protected]

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The following batch file can use the previous one as it is.

4.2.1) data_src sort by blur.bat
4.2.2) data_src sort by similar histogram.bat
4.2.4) data_src sort by dissimilar histogram.bat
4.2.5) data_src sort by face pitch.bat
4.2.5) data_src sort by face yaw.bat
4.2.6) data_src sort by best.bat
4.2.other) data_src sort by black.bat
4.2.other) data_src sort by brightness.bat
4.2.other) data_src sort by hue.bat
4.2.other) data_src sort by one face in image.bat
4.2.other) data_src sort by original filename.bat

5.3) data_dst sort by blur.bat
5.3) data_dst sort by dissimilar histogram.bat
5.3) data_dst sort by face pitch.bat
5.3) data_dst sort by face yaw.bat
5.3) data_dst sort by similar histogram.bat
5.3.other) data_dst sort by best.bat
5.3.other) data_dst sort by original filename.bat

Use if you copy the version before 01_11_2020 as it is.

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Hello everyone!  Smile

I'm totally new to DeepFaceLab.

I just tried today to do my first deepfake with the default videos with Robert Downey Jr. Smile

But when I try to do a training I get this error:  "Unable to allocate device-local memory cl_mem_object_allocation_failure"

I was trying every training method and get the same error everytime except for the "Quick96" which seems to work but is super slow.

My GPU: ASUS Radeon R7 370 4GB GDDR5 (256 bit), HDMI, 2xDVI, DP, Box (STRIX-R7370-DC2OC-4GD5-GAMING) - supports OpenCL 2.0
My CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

I read that the requirement is a graphic card supporting OpenCL 1.2 or above and with at least 256MB GRAM - so it seems my GPU is enough to make some deepfake video.
But is my GPU not enough for some other reason? Or just Radeon GPUs are not fully compatible with the software yet?

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Hello guys,

I'm working on a long video, and I have to perform a lot of manual alignments on it  (around 1500 frames).
I couldn't do all at one time.

So that's my question : in the manual re-extractor, is it possible to save the images we have already aligned, and make the others later ?

If i close the Windows, the manually aligned frames are not saved.
If i skip the remaining frames, i have to re-make the alignement check process.

Any idea ?


wanna buy some deepfakes of yanet garcia can pay with bitcoin or paypal

[Image: yanet-garcia-measurements-15735689655dca...722863.jpg]

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