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As she is enjoying the old dick, applied color filter to get retro effect hope you guys like the video

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Just taking a minute to express my gratitude to the people here that take the time to help others... I never help, so I figured I should at least take the time to say thanks to those that do.

Everything I've learned about Deepfakes & using DFL has come from trawling these forums. There's so much help here that I don't think I've ever had to actually post a question  Tongue  

The DFL software has been made available for free, people have posted tutorials, answered questions, offered advice, uploaded facesets & models etc...

I can't make any fakes worth bragging about, but it's still fun & interesting & I've been able to shock people & make them laugh with the simple videos I have made... none of which would've been possible had it not been for those of you on these forums that give your time & make the effort to help.

So THANK YOU to anyone & everyone who has made the effort to help in some way! If you've helped in any way, then yes I mean YOU.

...even if you're just a random guy that's only ever replied to one question that someone once asked in a long forgotten thread... coz I'm usually the random guy that comes along years later & is so excited to find your answer because it's exactly the solution I've been looking for  Blush

...and if you're one of the more active contributors then it should go without saying that likely you deserve more thanks than you probably get.

...and if you've ever had to post a reply that reads something along the lines of: "This question has already been answered, by me, multiple times, in great detail, in fact I ended up writing a whole tutorial about it, it's stickied, links to it are in my signature"... I'm not only thankful for your efforts, I'm in awe of your ability to get to the end of typing that for the millionth time & still decide to actually click the "Post Reply" button to help them... You have the patience of a Saint.

Please combine Hailee Steinfeld to this video of Sasha Grey -

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This video 

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is it based off memory of the gpu or the power or the gpu? if so i might look into getting a higher memory card.

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Hello there, im looking for a good Amy Lee face set. Can someone share a good one please?

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I have noticed that d_mask_dims has low values when it comes to training. It was said in the guide by Tutsmybarreh "Mask decoder dimensions settings, affects quality of the learned mask when training with Learn mask enabled. Does not affect the quality of training.". Learn mask is now enabled by default, and it seems that the work being done on dfl now is to account for the quality of masks (for instance the creation of Xseg model for whole face).

My question is: Will increasing the d_mask_dims help with some of the blur/distortion when something comes in front of the face? If this is true, shouldn't we be training/pretraining at much higher d_mask_dims values if face obstruction events occur?

I'm looking for a look-alike for Kate Middleton. Any suggestion for this?

Anybody have any pornstars or camgirls that look like her? I already have a face set and I'm looking for a good model that matches her attributes.[Image: gentle-whispering.jpg]
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTO4enZcdWj2yCgQWUB3...UYgIC93wnv]

[Image: i?id=1cd4610eccd45a0356bbc7c13ea53b86&n=13]

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

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