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Bro what if you were getting a coffee enema and the tape worm you didn't know you had was just slurping that shit up how fucked up would that be

Is there any way to make a face set from someone's instagram instead of a video of them?

Is there anything morally wrong with making a deepfake (pornographic) of my friend without her consent? I wouldn't spread it around or anything, it would just be for me.

My recent fake was a 1080p video and when I uploaded it, it is 720p. Is there an internal convertor or limit for resolution?
Please if its possible add support for 1080p and higher resolutions as I might be trying upload them in the future.


Hi guys,
I'm looking for a trained h64 model to use as a base model, wanna give DeepFaceLabOpenCL a try and to start training from scratch kinda sucks.

With my shitty 2GB VRAM GPU i guess it would've to be trained in reduced mode (?). Are models trained with the CUDA version compatible with the OpencCL version? I have a ton of fakeapp 1.1 models trained with 96 nodes, 3 layers here but would be shocked if I could somehow use those.

Would be cool if one of you could share a trained model Smile

cheers, jreg72

Please post in this thread if you complete deepfake requests (either paid or unpaid).

Just trying to gauge how many people are actually purchasing this service, and how many creators are actually filling requests to see if we need a "Marketplace" kind of forum.

Hey Everyone!

I am looking to purchase a new computer and figured I would get one that is capatible with fakeapp or deepfakes so that I can give this a try.  Does anyone know what I can expect to pay for a Nvidia GPU that is 3.0 or higher? I have a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and power cords.  All I would need is the tower, or laptop with a operation system. 

I found this today while looking, and wanted to double check if these specs are good enough. If somenoe could help me out, I would appreciate it. Looking forward to your guys' feedback. 

GPU: NVidia GTX Geoforce 1050 8GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Graphics Processing Type: Dedicated
CPU: Intel Core i5 3rd Gen. 3.20 GHz

Would this set-up work?

Whenever I try to upload my deepfake it renders for about 20 minutes then I get an error message "Please select a video file!" ?? I'm uploading an MP4, do I need another format?



I'm new to the entire deepfaking process and some help right now would be nice. I'm transferring Trump onto an actor I hired using the SAE model. I have a 1080ti GPU and a i7 7700k. I slept for about five hours, and came to find a very nice looking preview. It has gone through ~25,544 epochs and the preview appears to be pretty accurate. However, the src_loss value rarely drops below .250 (it mostly stays above this value or in the .3's). Additionally, the dst_loss value doesn't drop below .3 (and mostly spends it time around .350). This will go down right? Should I wait for a couple more thousand epochs until it's below .2 or .1 for both loss values? What value is best for the most accurate deepfake?

Thanks so much!
The guides on this forum have been great so far.

P.S, I could also add a picture of the preview if that would help you people give me advice.

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