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Hello all! I just discovered this site and I'm super excited! I have a personal deep fake I would like to have created. I have almost 16:00 of decent quality footage, about 4:00 of sub-par quality footage, and theoretically thousands of pictures. Would like to discuss the job as quickly as possible and I can probably use whatever payment method you prefer. However, this is supposed to remain complete private so if you are going to post this anywhere on the internet or use it for a resume or something, please let me convince you to do otherwise so you can still get one done for me. Looking for something short at first to see how it turns out, but eventually I am looking for the ability to have a decently convincing bukkake done so I could be steady customer of your artistic talents over time. Of course, the highest quality possible would be preferred, but I'm not necessarily expecting the crazy quality found when super HD celebrity footage is used. Thanks ya'll!

Can you please add a search by pornstar function?

Would be nice as a resource to see what celebs fit what pornstars.   I also interact with users for requests and tell them "choose any of my Lana Rhoades videos" and there is no real way to search for this.


on older version of DFL I was using trained models, and those models are very successful. Any chance to see SAEHD trainlen models here soon?

Thanks in advance

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[Image: TPZhSuIh.jpg]

[Image: s0VQC5qh.jpg]

The photo's are extra... the vid is what you can use for face-set material (it's a HD-link)

please make a hardcore(full-nude) video of this goddess

thank you.

we need more deepfakes of her Smile Heart

Hello, I´m a beginner

I Have a macbook pro 2017 and egpu AMD radeon vega 64. Razer core x.
I use bootcamp and have made all the effort to finally make it work in Windows 10. It´s working fine when I´m playing games.

But in DFL it´s not working at all. It´s not being used and a don´t know how to get it being used?

I am using the OpenCL SSE version and I can do all the steps in DFL. Extract faces and training works but it´s very, very slow.

I'm having difficulty finding angles of Ana looking up/down for my dataset and thus having bad results of my training, if anyone has some videos/interviews or photos with her looking up/down I would appreciate it being posted. Looked through interviews and movie Knock, knock but could find any :/

There's a face set already posted but the download link is dead.

It it conceptually correct that the SRC aligned images are combined/trained with the DST images, and then a "Mask" is made?
Therefore, I don't need to use "all" of the found images in the DST video...?  Or do I need to use all of the found faces in the DST video?

I would appreciate it if this thread isn't deleted. The directions in the guides are subpar at best... I still dont know what the blue and yellow represent in the training graph, and it doesn't state that anywhere....


When I get requests, I am often asking users to browse my existing library and pick an existing video from my lbrary.   Is there a way to change it so users can see more than 3 videos at a time for creators?  Also when a user wants to browse a creators work, it would be so much better to have a wall of thumbnails to choose from instead of just 3 videos.    


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