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Bing, Google, adam, Aepale, CochonSale, Debridpro, fsu, Jonny, Kyuri, melvinwookiee, Oglethorpe, Titis

These are some of her original pics :-

[Image: f3210f07206e2ed1e015eb9ad0f7b780.jpg]
[Image: a2ac1145ac3dcef6b11d450b4ff3a5c4.jpg]
[Image: 946b1cd89f1b4cb81462442b9cfdb9a8.jpg]

The match I found for her is Lulu Reynolds :-

[Image: 2b722cf0dc4d35b982fc99d2a74d054c.jpg]
[Image: 78ce230a20dd6bfb099842c013795ece.jpg]
[Image: 8fa0a5e07bbb3448e1336ecf0d0ac98f.jpg]
[Image: b94e7911ab97dd347a23ab6988723665.jpg]

For Video I recommend her: 467 GETTING HER PUSSY SOAKING WET from or "Lulu Reynolds - A Beautiful Lesson"

Anyone have some copies Smile

Very much appreciated Wink

Hello, I was hoping to get some help.
I have followed the tutorial video through without error up until the training step were i receive a bunch of error text which i think can be summarized into what's below:

E tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/] failed to create cublas handle: CUBLAS_STATUS_ALLOC_FAILED

E tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/] Could not create cudnn handle: CUDNN_STATUS_ALLOC_FAILED

im completely lost when it comes to what software to install and how to type in bits of code but im pretty sure i have the correct stuff installed.

cuda 9.0, cudnn 7.0.5 (for cuda 9.0), tensorflow 1.8, python 3.6.0.


New Yennefer (The Witcher) faceset:   

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All faces from 720p captures from this video:    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.   and a few blowjob captures thrown in for good measure. 

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Faceset is pulled from Emmy's Youtube and Showtime's 'Hanging with Emmy Rossum" special as well as a few random Getty images that i was too lazy to remove.

Set was made using FakeApp and DeepFakeLab's 'DLIB Best GPU' option.

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Has anyone tried out the google colab build, or have any idea what the differences are?
I took a break from DFL for the last few weeks because I kind of gave up after the latest builds stopped working on data center cards (T100 mostly).

Wondering if this fork was to help resolve that issue?  Hoping someone in here has used it.

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Hi I'm looking for someone who is willing to help out on a short video for a reenactment job. It's a humorous video for private use and features a well-known celebrity.

This seems to be slightly different from most deepfakes being made around here where you do a face swap instead of modifying it, but let me know if anyone is up for giving it a go and we can discuss further.


Dear Community,

Sorry for the title being so vague, my questions are quite broad and varied so I could not come up with a concise enough title.

I installed DeepFaceLab yesterday and have followed a few tutorials on how to use it. I would classify myself as a beginner-Amateur now (I have spent too many hours over the past two days training ahaha). I have a Ryzen 2700X and a RTX 2070 with 16GB 2666mHz RAM (this is getting upgraded to 48 GB soon).

So onto the questions :

Is there a guide which is a "fixing mistakes" type of thing? On "DeepFaceLab Explained and Usage Tutorial" dpfks explains what each of the 'sliders' do for convert options and training. Is there a guide or a video where a series of pictures are shown and what is wrong with them (i.e. why they do not look amazing despite tonnes of training) and how to fix them? (e.g. change face scale by x value). I have looked at the examples of the extremes dpfks has given but I am struggling to apply that to my trainings.

Can src models be reused for other dst models and vice versa? If I have spent a day training Emma Watson and Jade Nile, can I extract the second "pictures" from the training preview to be used for other models? In my eyes, having to repeatedly retrain (in this example) Emma Watson's face to be used with different dst actresses is a needlessly repetitive process. Surely there is a way to save that model of Emma Watson (and the dst actress) so that they can be mixed and matched with other src and dst models saving a tonne of time remodelling in the future. I hope I have explained this point clearly, I apologise if this is not the case.

In the case of facial cumshots, is there a particular method which can be used to allow the ejaculate to be shown on the exported face? (rather than distorting the image). The same applies for other blockages such as appendages as they have only served to mess up the face merge for me.

What does continuing training with different settings achieve? Is there a specific purpose for this or should one simply pick the best settings upon the initialisation of the training to achieve the best modelling outcome?

What is the optimum method for achieve adult actresses faces. I have read that for celebrities, interviews on YouTube are the way to go. I do not have an account for any pornographic websites and would prefer not to sign up to any, so is there a free, non-account required website that is reliable for downloading the thousands of high quality images needed for DFL training?

Thank you to anyone who is able to answer the above. It is most appreciated. 

Also. if anyone is desiring a particular model, feel free to message me and I will see what I can do as my computing power is here to serve the community. If you could assist with any of the process, i.e. what settings I should use or photo banks of the specified model, that would be great.

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