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havokBest techniques for filming an actor for the perfect src dataset?
My family makes parody videos for corporate events where they often film the boss and employees doing silly things and edit them into movie clips. So I figured deep fakes would be a perfect fit if they wanted to add a celebrity to their footage or put one of the employees into a movie. 

What are some techniques we could use to get the best possible data set? I was thinking of getting like 15 seconds worth of specific facial expressions and maybe a few lines of dialogue for the "actor" to preform in front of a screen, and then shoot it 12 different times all with different angles(profile shot, profile high angle, profile low angle, head on, head on high angle, ect.) Should I be getting data sets with high medium and low light? Or positioning the lights in different ways to get a variation on the shadows?  Are there any other techniques that im not thinking of that could produce good results? If time is a constraint (eg. the person is being a dick and doesnt want to spend 5 minutes in front of a camera) what would be the most importing things to capture?
Your concept is pretty foolproof.

I would set a dialog or have a casual conversation and maybe shoot high framerate so you can slow it down during extraction. Key angles are from below, from above and side profile shots. Make sure you get various eye movements too (looking into camera and away and up and down).
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If you have an end product in mind (a specific clip) it might be advantageous to try to replicate the lighting, angles, expressions, etc. Just make sure its well exposed so you can pick up all the facial details.

If it is for generic faking with an unknown DST then I would use even/flat lighting and put them on a spinning bar stool. Spin them back and forth, having them look forward, downward, and upward. Or use a pointer stick and have them follow it with their head.

You could do alot with just an interview clip also. Ask them a bunch of random questions to elicit different facial expressions.

For the camera just make sure everything is on manual, you don't want any roving focus or exposure shifts in there. Neutral background if possible, makes face recognition easier/more consistent.

I'm interested in providing a similar service. I'd like to know how this works out for you...

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