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tutsmyTESTCannot access my account.
Not sure where to post it but I don't see any other section where this could be posted. I'm having an issue with logging in onto my main account tutsmybarreh (this one I just made quickly to post this).
I tried logging in with email or username and few different passwords including the one I registered with (that comes in email when you signup). Whats weird I clicked that I forgot a password and get a return email with my username and some garbage password (literally random stuff like haseh54$hy or something like that).

Nevermind, I did password recovery again and it worked but I got another garbage password, I now changed it to my old one but I'm not sure why it does this...
I'm not sure why you couldn't login, but the lost password should work.

It should give you a "complex" password, you can change it to whatever you want after.

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