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CPU training
Hey all, I was curious if anyone know what the best app for CPU training is?  I just have a laptop I leave training for about 2 weeks, and you can see the kind of results I get from my vids.  they're decent since I know the face, but the rest of you all are probably less impressed.  
I'm using Redek's MyFakeApp right now.  I'm just tired of how long it lasts.  
Some of you have been kind enough to try some vids for me.  But I think I found the best pornstar match now.  So I'm really just looking to train a model, then use the same porn star for my vids.  So if any of you know a python script that is better than mine at CPU training (faster training speed), please let me know.  
On the flip side, if any of you with a GPU are using Redek's MyFakdApp and want to train a model for me, let me know.  I just need the model trained.  I'm fine with creating the vids myself.  Once I have a well-trained model, it's a lot easier for me to add new faces for this porn star (Whitney Stevens) and create my own vids.  just taking forever right now to get the foundation set.  
Thanks for the input!
if your CPU support AVX, try DeepFaceLab CPU build You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

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