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DengarEasily remove the FakeApp logo from your videos
I know there's a powershell script for this but I didn't know about it so I came up with my own method. If you also don't feel like learning Python commands and/or are having trouble with the new open source MyFakeApp as I am right now (I so want that to get better), this might be helpful.

It might seem long & involved when I explain it here but really that's just the first time setup. Once you get it down it's really quick to fly through it.

The idea I had was to mass resize all the pictures with a border on the right that the FakeApp logo would be applied to, then simply crop them again when the faces had been swapped. This is more or less what I ended up doing. I'll save you all the research of how to figure it out though.

The guides I first found for batch adding borders were for Photoshop which I didn't know & didn't feel like learning. So I looked for a better way & found a simple program that does that and really only that called PearlMountain Image Resizer Pro (aka AnyPic Image Resizer Pro). It's not free, and I won't tell you that you can easily find a torrent of the full version with Google, because that would be wrong.

You just start it up & point to the the folder with all your extracted frames, then select them all, choose "To PNG", then add border tab on the left. Through trial & error I figured out that for a 720p video you need to add exactly 360 pixels to the right side. Hit start and now all your images will be 1640x720.

[Image: mk6dc.jpg]

Now open a command prompt, navigate to that folder, and turn them back into a video with ffmpeg by using

ffmpeg -r 30 -f image2 -i out%d.png -vcodec libx264 -crf 15 -pix_fmt yuv420p VideoName.mp4

Use that video with FakeApp to have it extract the frames & generate an alignments.json file for the new positions of the faces.

[Image: awc9sh.jpg]

After conversion, you will see that the FakeApp logo has been applied to the white border on the right side.

[Image: jp7hjq.jpg]

At this point I hit a snag. I thought I could use the same program to remove the borders from the pictures again, but it doesn't work that way. So I realized it would have to be done with the video itself. Again I found a lot of complicated guides for things like Premiere but I knew there had to be a simpler one & I found it. It's called Wondershare Filmora. This isn't free either, and I still won't tell you to look for a torrent with the full version that's easy to find, because that would be wrong.

Filmora has an option to crop the video to exactly 16:9 or 4:3, justified to the left, so it's ridiculously easy.

[Image: hu56ya.jpg]

After that just export the video & you're done.

[Image: 1zwn7m1.jpg]

I hope this helps others that are having problems with the open source MyFakeApp and/or don't feel like learning Python.
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Looks like your images aren't working! But from what I read it makes sense because I come from a video background (kinda). I'll be using this method once I get my first successful view up (currently training)
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That's odd, I can see my images. Can anyone else?
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Yep! I can see them just fine.
Also, thanks for the guide! Will be handy.
No problem!

@dpfks, I think the problem is on your end. Can you load
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no photos

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