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tutsmybarrehEllen Page (2899 aligned pictures and original ones)
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more like 1500 plus duplicates
Nah, there are maybe 50-100 duplicates but the rest is from like 4-5 interviews, clips from some movies (just trailers, I did this dataset in maybe an hour) and some pics (I ran the lowest sized ones through an AI upscaler but left the smaller sized ones hence some duplicates), besides I'm posting this just because someone wanted it and I know that it's not the best dataset, but at least it's there and someone can add higher quality ones (also it's better to have smaller dataset than to have 10 thousand pics from one interview like some datasets here...) with this one in 2 hours I was at 0.26, add some higher quality ones to it and get rid of some duplicates and repost your version.

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