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yeet22Faceset Cleaning
Was wondering about which cases to remove when compiling a faceset, particularly the pornstar faceset. I have more than enough (5k+) pictures of straight-on faces, faces at a slight angle all while talking etc. I have enough of those.

But what about cases like these:
[Image: iqjNaML.png] Only 1 eye visible

[Image: 9IGznAD.png] Blowjob obstruction

[Image: 6e7LuYA.png] Side of face obstructed / deformed

[Image: QO18hHL.png] Slight hair obstruction, chin not visible

[Image: Ns4D2jx.png] Hair obstruction from the side/edge of face 

[Image: ABCNwtS.png] Forehead not visible

So the first instinct is to just remove all of these. But should the training data really just be straights-on shots? Like at what point do I decide the angle is too extreme to include?
The frames you delete will be skipped when converting.
(06-12-2019, 09:01 PM)papolk Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.The frames you delete will be skipped when converting.
No? For conversion I'm going to extract every frame. Not every nth clean frame like I have for training
You can include all of those as long as the landmarks are correct.
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
In training data, I try to avoid:

- Only one eye visible (will keep even if I have only a flicker of an eyelash on the 2nd eye)
- Hair in face
- Wacky faces. The face doesn't look like the celeb.
- Head kicked back. "Looking up the nose"
- Fingers or fingernails in or too near to the lips and mouth.
- Tongue out (mostly try to avoid, will keep in sometimes for cumshots)
===NOTE: Unless I have a couple of shots of the celebrity sticking out the tongue. Helps a lot to include in faceset.
- I generally don't use photoshoots. Too much photoshopping.

I'm ok with having in training data:
- Blowjob obstruction.
- Side of face deformed. (It won't hurt that much)
- Nose down is ok as long as nose is well defined and not blurry. You need head down for good blowjob vids.

For me personally, I try to have:
- A strong sequence of "talking" so my resulting videos easily talk.
- Need to have several frames of mouth wide open with visible tongue and inside of mouth. Othwerise the convert will be "static" inside mouth.
- Make sure: Eyes clearly in focus. Teeth clearly in focus.
- Lighting covers face evenly
- Be sure to have eyes open and closed, otherwise your output will never blink.
- A very good set of front facing + talking for both the pornstar and celeb. If I have a 10 sec BJ clip, I would still have unobstructed faces also in the SRC and DST. To me this keeps the training anchored on a clear unobstructed face....even if you are trying to do a clip with 3 dicks in the mouth. (Legalporno....)

Good facesets are critical! Good luck.


Pro Tip:

- Learn to use VirtualDub. Helps a lot to efficiently capture only the frames you need.
- Most of my facesets come from movies (720p or 1080p). The lighting is a lot better than Youtube vids. You also get more "porn like" angles from movies vs interviews.
- I don't mind having 3,000-6,000 frames in the celeb faceset if they are all premium faces (See the Daisy Ridley faceset I posted)

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