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Hey all, I'm glad to be here! I've got a passion for comedy and learning about machine learning in particular. Deepfakes seem to be a way to further both of those. 

I got started last night and have just been tooling around with base shia labeouf/RBDjr project in the DeepFaceLabOpenCLSSE prebuilt windows binary latest release. On a fresh windows install just for deepfaking.

I run an intel i7 and have a radeon amd card and it always seems to hang on face extraction pass 3, both MT and S3FD. With no progress bar. But it does max out the GPU. No files are added to aligned.

It says
Performing 3rd pass...
Running on CPU4.
Running on CPU7.
Running on CPU3.
Running on CPU2.
Running on CPU1.

Any ideas for a newbie?

I've actually discovered the solution to the issue after thinking about how it hangs on the processors. There are two you can try, they both independently work for me.

One: you could disable hyperthreading in the bios. I've got 8 logical cores with hyperthreading enabled on 4 processors. By disabling hyperthreading there's only 4.

The second is to reduce the number of cores by going to

run -> msconfig -> boot -> advanced options

check the box next to number of processors. And ensure that you are using 4 or below. For some reason DFL for me isn't working with more than 4. But that's okay because of finding this solution. It works now! And I hope this helps someone else. I'm going to go post it in another thread I was reading about the issue as well. Smile Glad to be here!
Hi welcome, enjoy your stay.
What i7 were you using? i had to do the same thing for my i7 3770
Had the same problem with my dual Xeon setup. E5 - 4650 V2. But now, (DFL AVX 4-6-19) only uses 6 Cpus. No crashing. W/ Hyper threading enabled in Bios.

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