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Attila20Help blurry face everytime
Hi all, i need help about creating deepfakes with DFL.
With the test video (Robert Downey jr.-Shia LaBeouf) works almost perfectly trained with H128, but with other videos i can get only shitty results like blurry faces, crossed-eyes subject and so on. I tried everything like SAE, H128 around 100k iterations. I know i have a very basic video card (nvidia gtx 1050 ti) but i don't understand why i get acceptable results only using the two videos provided with DFL. Any help about settings i should use for H128 training is appreciated. Be clear with your language about that, so don't be too "pro" in writing suggestions because i'm really new in this activity, thanks.

Thanks for your help.

These are the settings i'm currently using with my custom deepfake video:
NOTE: If i try to go up with resolution for example 128 i get OOM error.

[Image: mjwj7o.png]
You see? after 162000 iterations i got this shit.... tha face of berlin of "la casa de papel" should have the face of the italian minister salvini but..........not even the chin is included.

[Image: 2eek3uu.png]
Read the guide.

Only SAE is full faced (others will only be half face). Sounds like you need to clean your facesets.
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