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tania01help from anyone who know a little python
from i was able to determine that erode mask can be set to anything, it doesn't need to be -200 or 200. i achieved the following result with -500: [Image: 4JJEXPch.png]

currently erode mask is linked to src mask, i want to find out what links erode to src mask specifically, e.g. it imports and uses the following files:

import time
import traceback

import cv2
import numpy as np

import imagelib
from facelib import FaceType, FANSegmentator, LandmarksProcessor
from interact import interact as io
from joblib import SubprocessFunctionCaller
from utils.pickle_utils import AntiPickler

from .Converter import Converter

which file do i need to make an edit so that erode mask works on "dst mask" instead or "src mask"???

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