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udrawIndian Celebs lookalikes thread
Please submit some lookalike pornstars for Indian celebs. I know a few and have made some. I will add to the list as I make more or someone comes to mind. Please comment if the face swap is convincing or recommend better pornstar matches for them. OR request for any Indian celebs whose lookalike you can't find. 

There are two that I have currently made and still training them

Ahsaas Channa -> Sadie Pop

[Image: iK0RKYah.png]

Asin -> Gina Valentina

[Image: dGSXFxhh.jpg]


Kangana Ranaut -> Khadisha Latina 

[Image: 8ss4D6Jh.jpg]

Pooja Gor -> Brittany Banxxx

[Image: Six6JOZh.jpg]

Requests -> Nidhi Singh (from TVF), Shriya Sharma, Shriya Saran, Shirley Setia

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