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sionatlasiaIs SAE not available for GTX 1080?
I was trying to check out the trained models provided by other users in the forum,
but when I turn the SAE on, I seem to encounter OOm error. Not sure whether this is innate problem of my computer or just that 1080 is not available for 1080
I have been also playing with Dfaker for now, and have been getting quite ok result, though I’m not really sure why this kind of distorted face comes up for few of the faces

I have been increased the amount of Data Set A to 4000 photos, and Data Set b to 3000 as other have kindly recommended.
[Image: fDh2lkZh.jpg]
Is this indication that I need to add more photos in to the set?

If so, would it be ok to save the model and add more to continue on the training?
what batch size are you using?
(06-13-2019, 06:29 AM)GhostTears Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.what batch size are you using?

I have tried batchsize of 4 for SAE. Didn't really work out for me
For the Dfaker, I am doing 40 Smile

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