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mondomongerJessica Biel Faceset
This is an excellent Jessica Biel faceset - I've just not found a good pornstar match for her.

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aidra fox is probably a good match for her, also there were a lot of duplicates in that faceset if you use an app like "DuplicatePhotosFixerPro" you can automate and delete those duplicates it went from roughly 2200 to 350 and saves you some ram when you train your model
I'll give Aidra Fox a try. I tried her earlier with a few unsuccessful deepfakes. Didn't put 2 and 2 together that the reason she was failing (large mouth) would be helpful for Jessiac Biel.

Yes, I generally use face captures from movies and yes, I have a whole lot of similar frames in my facesets. I keep them in as I generally like for my models to be able to realistically talk as I prefer sex + dirty talk in most of my videos (which is the sole reason I use Lana Rhoades so much). When I get over 4000 SRC frames, I then start reducing.

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