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666VR999Just came over from Dfakers - interest in VR (Virtual Reality)

Finally came over from dfakers as I think that's shutting down shortly.  Interested in Virtual Reality (yes I'll use the full term as VR is too short for the search feature) which I have just uploaded one finally, based on mondomongers base model so props to him for that, hopefully it will appear soon as I've never uploaded any fakes before.  Many years ago I used to be into the photoshop fakes, and there used to be a site called The Strip run by DocFakenhouser that did competitions that I used to be into....I don't know where any of those guys are now.  

I enjoy the technology side of things, hoping to get a new machine soon as can only do CPU training currently (which is a waste of time), hence relying on other folks donating base models which I can then use for everything else.

Since I posted the video uploaded:

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Get a 10 series Nvidia card soon. Looks like Nvidia changed some architecture in the 20 series. First reports on Github is that the 20 series cards aren't currently compatible with deepfaking. Haven't tested myself though.
Welcome! Great job with just CPU training, it turned out pretty good

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