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matritinepMatching Celebrity to Pornstar
To find a matching pornstar, I first searched for the measurements of the celebrity. 

Literally 'name' + 'measurements' 

In my example had a hit. 

I then used those data to define my search in

I used only weight, height, cup size. 
Ethnicity and so on can be determined from the thumbnail picture. 

Of course, someone who knows more porn might have a better idea. But for a quick search for a pair that has similar proportions this worked well enough.
Thanks for this!

I usually only try to match the face, by manually scrolling through the pornstar list on pornhub, and sometimes using AI face recognition sites but this will be helpful when trying to find a good match for the body as well.
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All due respect, it's hard enough to find a good match for the face shape, jawline and hair color, it's almost impossible to match all those plus body measurements.

I appreciate your good intention, I'm sure someone will eventually find a perfect match if he searches Internet for long enough, but it will take too much time to find it.
wow that is pretty intense...gonna have to spend more time on pornhub researching body types
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I made a spreadsheet of celebrity lookalikes a while ago on a (now shut down) forum. If anyone sees any more DM me.

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