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deep88Messed up merged photos
At 90K iterations I tried to convert the frames. When I checked, I noticed that some of the photos are like this.

[Image: 5l1rapLh.png][Image: CVvCOxJh.png][Image: 5sHyEZdh.png]

Then, I went back to a backup state (40K iterations), but the problem is the same.

Yesterday, I also did a conversion at about 30K and there were no such problems.
I haven't noticed any error in the preview.

Do you have any idea what causes this?
What do the dst aligned images for the messed up frames look like? I've had that happen when they are too blurry or messed up in some way.
your dst is misaligned. take note of the image numbers that have these kinds of faces. go to the debug folder and look at the alignment for those image numbers. if they are misaligned, delete those images from the debug folder and manually re-extract those frames.
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Hi, not my topic, but mine look like this but all of their alignments are 100% correct. Anyone know why that would happen?
are they blurry, or messed up in any way?  colors off?  if the images are perfect and you're sure the alignments are too then I don't know.  How much training have you done?

check aligned_debug dst and see if maybe it extracted some faces twice for the same frame.  you can tell because the mask part will look a lot darker than the others.  alignments won't be the same either for those.  if that's the case delete them from aligned and debug folders and manual re-extract

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