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thedeclic1need HELP for my first deepfake (beginner)
hello i followed MANY tutorials like ALL day and still dont know how to make it , i extracted both src, dst, then extracted the faces using s3fd best gpu , somthing like that .
when i do train sae i have this error ... and of course nothing shows up in the merged folder when i convert sae.
why is this hapening ? :/

[Image: QHln7mgh.jpg]
Youère using the CUDA version, which I don't use myself but what specs are the machine you're using? To assist people who are more knowledgeable than I on this.
i uninstalled the cuda version the other one works fine now :) mayb my laptop is not strong enough for the last version
Glad it got sorted! Happy faking!
lol thanks :)

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