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Poll: Can i become a good deepfaker without an IT level background ?
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yes you can become a good deepfaker . No need to be an IT guy
No you can’t... You must have an IT background to be a good deepfaker
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sputnik88Photoshop faker decided to upgrade himself !
Hi guys,

I am mid forties and i am glad to say that i am creating photoshop fakes since the early photoshop times. More interestingly even before i had the first photoshop i was creating fakes by using some real printed photos. Those days the results were somewhat lousy though but was still working  Smile  

Nowadays i believe i came almost the limit of my photoshop ability and discovered the deepfake videos you guys creating amazingly here and elsewhere. Some of them really quite realistic.. for me a deepfake video is somewhat an upgrade to a photoshop fake because it is closer to the real thing.

I am very green in this at the moment but i will work hard to learn the skill and try to get the necessary desktop pc equipment as well (seems my macbook is no use to me). 

One thing i need your help before i invest some hardware is as follows; i am not an it guy.. not super tech savvy. But i am a long term intensive pc and mac user and i think i am not very dumb. Do you think this kind of person can become a good deepfaker one day? Or do i have to be an IT level guy or a nerd to be succsessfull? Please help me to understand this because i have no idea.

Long thread sorry but excited to be here and i appreciate all your nice fakes and hard work and hope i can learn something from you guys..

Cheers !
You didn't need to make a poll in addition to your question.
You don't have to be an IT guy. You don't need any formal training. I am completely self-taught in all aspects of PC builds and use.

However, you DO need patience and a willingness to learn. This is an age when many people are accustomed to clicking an app on a phone, and having all the work done for them. DeepFake creation does not operate this way. The devs of the two primary DeepFake applications have worked very hard to make it as easy as possible, but you will absolutely need to do some research and homework.  Then you will spend some time with experimentation. You will face frustration and obstacles. Luckily, these forums are a good place to get much needed advice and guidance. I suggest you start with the Guides section. Your first decision is which application you want to use. DeepFaceLab and Faceswap are the two primary current and up-to-date applications. Your selection will depend mostly on your hardware, and also your personal preference. DeepFaceLab has less strict system requirements, and also has the most support here.

Good luck!
Pocketspeed, thanks a lot for taking your time and explaining me in detail. It was important for me to know in advance. I feel more confident now and will start working asap..
As I know, currently faces are as small as 128x128 so in the output HD video they are often blurry.

It would be cool if you found a Photoshop filter to sharpern / upscale faces in the output images folder before they are built into the output video. An instruction on how to batch-apply such a filter might help maintain sharper faces in the HD videos.
Windows 7 x64, nVidia 1030

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