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jenspellichRefurbished computer
Dear all,

I have refurbished an older computer (i5-2400) with a new psu (750 W), 16 GB DDR3 and a SSD. Everything works fine. When I built in a GTX 1080 (several different vendors used) the h64 trainer works ok for e.g. 200.000 epochs, but any other trainer results in a sudden reboot. There is no blue screen (I have disabled automatic restart). The rebbot occurs after the first few epochs were calculated - some trainer allow a few hunderts/thousends epochs before the sudden reboot occurs.

The used data works ok on my second computer, which is brand new (Ryzen 1700X, 16 GB DDR4 and GTX 1080).

Do you have an idea, what I could do?

Thanks for your posts!

Possibly your CPU. Does it need new thermal paste? Do a stress test on CPU to see if it's stable. Also stress test your GPU that it's rebooting on.
Thanks a lot! It really was a thermal issue - though a rather tricky one. The cores of the CPU always stayed well below 52°C. The GPU was well below 80°C. Therefore I suspected a driver/program issue - sorry for that! The problem was, that I refurbished an old Compaq business pc - with a non standard PSU. I connected anything but the fan control lines, because I was not quite sure, if the levels would match. Therefore I got a warning at boot up - but the fans did of course work well. And the pc worked ok. But there must be a hidden feature in the bios that shuts down the computer if there is a fan warning and a high power consumption.

However, after connecting the fan control lines the issue seems to be gone.

Thanks again!


P.S. Thread can be closed.

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