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GothkunREQUEST Aisling Bea pleeeeeease

I've recently started to try and get my head around the software, but I am quickly realising that I don't have enough time to put together a new faceset in the free time I have available :'(

Please please please, could one of you fine people put together a faceset for Aisling Bea? There is tons of footage out there from panel shows, as well as some tv series.
[Image: 84a8c905bd866654c3a469bc094c30ce.jpg]

I would be forever in your debt
If there is tons of footage why don't you just download them all, maybe increase speed of the clips by half in vegas/premiere, render it out to data_src.mp4 or jpegs, run extraction process and just leave the pc to run? It might be 20-30k faces but once you sort it at the end with sort by histogram I'm pretty sure you should have most of the angles, rest is always a pain in the ass to find and most people just don't bother with them and instead make sure porn doesn't have such angles (such as looking up/down, or some goofy expressions).
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