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REQUEST Making Deepfake of Con-Artists Mom
So awhile back I reconnected with a guy I knew from Boy Scouts when he was 12. He was a security guard at the time. He even had the badge and the uniform to go with it. This guy was 21. He told me his story. He said he didn't graduate college, and he even admitted to a minor misdemeanor involving his mother. After a few months, I build up trust with the guy.  He later tells me he quit his security job, and is looking to get his GED and get training experience at his local Votech. He said the only obstacle to this was money.  Feeling sorry for him, I gave him $2000 worth of silver coins.  Months later, I check on his progress and see how he is doing. He didn't finish his GED, and he didn't even get his drivers license.  I told him to give me back the money if he didn't plan on accomplishing the goals he set for himself. He told me that he spent the money on a PS4 which he later pawned off for $65, and he also told me that it went to pay his mother for rent. I've met his mother, she is disgusting. She is an ugly alcoholic, wrinkled mess. Her son I later found out is a Confederate, or as I would like to call a Cuckfederate.

With all this being said, I want to make a deepfake of his mom having sex with some inner city guys while shouting obscenities. The only problem is I don't know of an adult film like this online. Does anyone know of any reference videos I can pull from?
I'd recommend going to PornHub, do a search, and if you find something close, scroll down to the very bottom and see what playlists it's on. You'll get more of what you're looking for that way.

Here's one:

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