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tania01REQUEST need a batch file
if anyone has any knowledge of python, i need a batch file which uses mask-editor to mask the whole 256x256 image.

*i know i can mask the images manually, but not when there are thousands of them
Took a look at it, but my experience with Python is next to none, and the code is a bit out of my league mate.

My best shot at what needs to be done is :
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(Find out ie_polys values for a 256x256 mask)
1. Automatically set values in "ie_polys.n_list" # This is the list of points drawn for a mask
2. Set "do_save_move_count = 1" # Simulates pressing E
3. Loop

If no-one else can help out, you could try somewhere like StackExchange. But it's more a place for teaching a man to fish, than giving him one, if you understand what I mean. You'd have to do a little bit of work to learn basic python, and figure out the parts of the code that need changing. Then go to them with specific questions of I need to change X to do Y in this part of the code.

If you go down that route, I'd be happy to work on it with you. It could save a lot of time messing around with erode sizes.

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