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WJSNGREQUEST WJSN Faces for 3d models. (Not sure what to title this)
Hey there DFL my name is Ashley, so this is a rewrite of one of my past posts that are super old by now. now that the technology is better I wander if it can do what I'm after, there is now a program for blender that can use a face from multiple angles to create a 3d model, how ever it requires very /specific/ pictures in order to do it, the problem is, these faces have to be
facing various directions, expressionless and perfect lightning with no hair or bangs.

then it can model and create the texture.

I got the amazing idea to use DFL to create the faces or "pictures" i need to created the models, I did a render of a 3d head rotating in various directions up down left right etc etc. a template for DFL to work with and put the source head onto that one.
but i've run into several problems. I have a very powerful rig with 126 gigs of ram, quad deca core and a 2080 with 8 gigs of v ram but for some reason training for me is a pain i can train 256 models but only at like 1 itter per 200 ms. and the result is never good enough. also it gives me weird out of memory errors while not using more than 50% of my 8 gig. anyways not the point.

I'm looking for someone who might able to help me in my project.
to create a "fake" of the WJSN girls on my rotating head to then be turned into a 3d model. I really only need like 4 of the frames of the 900 I took of the head rotating back and forth slowly.

i have some face sets of Yeoleum Bona and Exy but they are not set up for full heads, and that is what i need the full face/head.

if anyone is interested in doing this project with me let me know in a PM and we can discord chat if you like anyways bye for now! Heart

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