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Venatossae conversion times out and the strange solution to it
recently i kept running into the problem that the conversion of my sae model randomly stops and then the cpu-treads start timing out.
all other steps of deepfacelab work without problem, reinstalling it didnt help either.

anyway, i found a strange workaround:
when i open the task manager and expand the windowscommandhost thats running the python scripts, i can "update" the scripts by rightclicking them.
i dont need to select any of the options the rightclickmenu brings up, just bringing up the menu seems to give it a little kick, so it keeps going for another few frames(somewhere between 5 and several hundred if im lucky)
it took a lot of rightclicks to get it to fully convert, so i would be very interrested if anyone has an idea on what could be the root cause of the conversion hanging.
What version of DFL?
the current prepacked one for AMD cards.(with the new plaidML0.6.0 rc2 installed/updated)
If you installed plaidML separately, try uninstalling it, restarting PC and using a fresh extracted copy of the latest DFL.

This bug was announced as fixed I'm pretty sure.
reinstalled current DFL.... again,
updated plaidML to the current RC... again,
conversion stalls out.... again.

what was the defenition of insanity again? ;)

i have to update plaidML from the prepacked plaidML 0.6.0 RC1 to RC2 or it wouldnt use my GPU at all.
but.... i could just delete the RC2 and reinstall the RC1 before starting the conversion. that would be a pretty easy workaround.
i probably have another 2 days of training to do anyways, getting below 0.1 seems to take a while.
huh, rolling back to rc1 didnt help. guess ill have to wait for a dfl update.

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