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godinshacklesSide faces and difficult angles advice needed
Hi everyone, I'm really struggling to train profile faces and complicated angles in the SAE model. Front and slightly side angle faces are fine but anything that looks like a too extreme profile shot or forehead to the roof is undoable and that really makes finding a proper DST scene difficult (or I have to perform weird and awkward edits). I was wondering if anyone had tricks and tips to getting those angles trained properly?

Is there a model that takes them better? Should I try training those angles in another model?
Is it strictly because I don't have all the necessary shots in my SRC faceset? I'm fairly sure I have what is required. My faceset is very diversified, 2000 shots and filtered in dupeguru for duplicates. I arranged them by faceyaw and I have a lot of profile shots (but no forehead towards the roof and that one I could understand).

I think someone had suggested I try putting some of the difficult angles from my DST faceset to my SRC faceset.

Just looking to see if y'all have advices, had that problem as well/were able to resolve it in any way!

Thanks in advance.
The DF or LIAE model are as good as it gets with the profile shots. Here are some things I do:

1) ensure landmarks are accurate in these profile shots.
2) ensure I have matching profile shots in my data_src faceset.
3) if after I train and convert and it doesn't work... I edit out those scenes.
4) add the same data_dst shots to data_src (doesn't always work).

To be honest, most of the time I cut them out or choose scenes that don't have too many side shots.

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