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ubhzdfTIP: You can use this software for those data_src with limited photos available
I want to share this new amazing software, Character Creator 3.2 by Reallusion with Headshot plugins that is a way of creating a 3D image of one single photo (Front facing face of profile picture as seen in the example) that has a Digital Human Skin Shader. Actually this version of a newly released with plugins this third week of Novermber 2019.

Loading of a single photo that has auto-mode(with hair) or pro-mode(bald hair). In this example pro mode is selected.
[Image: ccreator1.jpg]

Creating custom expression, moving or tilting of face using facial editor. This software can also control lighning sources whether coming from left or right side, top or bottom.
[Image: ccreator2.jpg]

Re-aligning face via morphing based on source photo to further match the 3d face to source photo,
[Image: ccreator3.jpg]

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