Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mr DeepFakes?

Mr DeepFakes, is the best deepfake porn site dedicated to fake celebrity porn. This website is a platform for users share and stream free high quality, realistic fake celebrity porn. 

What are DeepFakes?

DeepFake is a term created to describe these fake videos, which combines the terms "deep" and "fake" due to the process how of the videos are made. DeepFakes involve using AI (Artificial Intelligence) or "deep learning" to form neural networks in order to create a structure of a face, and swap it with another. Although some of these videos look very realistic, it is import to remember that these videos are completely fake.

How do these fake celebrity porn videos look so real?

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) learning have made your wet dreams into virtual reality. Tools such as FakeApp and other algorithms make use of AI deep learning to learn over time what makes a perfect face match. Basically, through trial and error, the AI learning algorithm swaps the face of one person with another's accurately. This is done over and over again through many frames, and when put back together it forms a realistic fake video.

Is this content illegal?

No. It is not illegal; however it is highly controversial on the Internet. We make it very clear that all videos on this website are fake.

I want to contribute to, how can I help?

You are always welcome to join the community and contribute through providing content, or even just in discussion. Check out our forums at
If you have specific ideas, or would like to help in some other way, please contact us through the contact form at