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jreg72 - 95 days ago
hiya, which faceset did you use for your taylor videos or can you share it incase it's a custom one (i uploaded mine like a year ago back on reddit/voat)? I just downloaded a bunch of youtube vids to make some more pics (need some with less lipstick from around 2010) and have a shitload of great ideas/source videos in the queue :D
minus1873 - 115 days ago
@dany34000 - I would take a look at some of guides on the forums here to get started first. Best way to learn anything is to just jump right into it my man. Don't worry about failing, and just learn as you go. If you're still struggling after a while, then feel free to shoot me a pm and I'll try to give you some tips when I can - just don't expect me to hold your hand. And again, the forums here also seem pretty helpful, so maybe check there for a faster response also.
dany34000 - 116 days ago
I will be very happy to learn how to do this because there is no French actress on the site. do you want to give me advice privately? thank you
lartharax - 119 days ago
man, you are an artist!! fantastic work, thank you! Kristen is just unbelievable :)
jack - 145 days ago
Thank for deepfake,you the best.
za123za - 160 days ago
Hi Minus
Could you please make Salma hayek i think she look alike Lisa Ann and Katrina Jade.
Penguin99 - 167 days ago
Your work is one of the best!!! Could you please make one with Katherine Langford? She's Hannah from 13 reasons why. She looks like Lana Rhoades. Thank you)
boolio - 180 days ago
Dude, you are the deepfake king! Hope you're able to share more with us.
minus1873 - 184 days ago
Holiday season is upon us! As such, expect things to slow down as far as my contributions here - just in case anyone wonders where I've gone! Thanks, and have a good day, people.