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sagemaster - 1 days ago
Dude I made an account just to upvote you! My balls are so numb from you jalba and darios
mondomonger - 2 days ago
Audio works on my end. Press CTRL + F5 to refresh before playing video if there is no sound.

I'm converting from Deepfacelab's created AVI now to a compressed MP4 via VLC. This solved all of my sound issues. The posted clips have sound through Deepfakes tube when I check. Anyone else having this problem?
Narnar123 - 2 days ago

You are the best in the deepfake game! Please keep the videos coming!

Ps... what’s with the audio? I can’t hear anything on your last few

-Real Mondo Fan
mondomonger - 5 days ago
Ariana uploaded. DIdn't turn out as well as expected. (Gal Gadot on the other hand looks great). Ariana's faceset needs some tuning and the H128 model needs more training. Which version of the clip is preferred? Close up but with some blur like Megan Fox, or slightly letterboxed/zoomed out and clear like Ariana/Gal?
StrayNucleus - 6 days ago
ayo can you do the megan fox video but instead with ariana (the bj one). thanks
finickyfackety - 9 days ago
Those Erica Durance are great...
ValVenis - 10 days ago
Amazing! Thanks for the Erica Durance!
finickyfackety - 10 days ago
Erica Durance!!! Awesome.
ValVenis - 11 days ago
Thanks man :) Keep up the good work!
mondomonger - 12 days ago
Erome really downscales all videos uploaded, so I stopped using it. Yes, I will post the Erica Durance vids here.