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tutsmybarreh - 8 days ago
I'm open for paid requests for deepfakes videos (celebrity, video game characters) photoshops (manual face swaps, body shape/size modification, adding/removing cum) and 3D animations (3-6 sec. 30/60fps) and still images.

If you'd like a deepfake/photo/3D animation made for you contact me by a private message. Due to privacy reasons the only available payment options are crypto currencies.

My BTC address: 1BHvqWzwwyHK82swxBbySRngJL8CTMsuYH

If you are using/owning other currrency than Bitcoin let me know in private message so I can send you a proper address.

As for private deepfakes (featuring your girlfriend/wife) they are quite debatable as you never know who, what for and whether that person has permission for using someones likeness so due to privacy concerns I'm probably going to refuse making such deeepfake unless you as requester can provide a proof of consent from the person whose face you want swapped.
I'm also including a watermark on such videos to inform that it's fake.