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Cum4fun69 - 22 days ago
You have some top notch deepfake skills. Id love it if you'd use your skills to put together a Julia louis dreyfus video. Keep up the good work!
timhortonscup - 25 days ago
thank you for creating deepfakes! i am so pumped you are back
theflipporn - 25 days ago
this dude's one of the best, if not, the best of the deepfake creators out there
theflipporn - 25 days ago
as usual my dude. you're awesome
Narnar123 - 35 days ago
We miss your videos!
pervaholic - 89 days ago
Hi, love your work! Can you make a Hailee Steinfeld? Pornstar Suzy Bell is a good match.
Narnar123 - 195 days ago
Where did you go?