Slutty Ivanka Trump Gets Drilled

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Celebrities: Ivanka Trump
Original Pornstar: Unkown
Description: H192 model used.
df archi
f (face only)
280k iterations
re trained face about 60-100 iterations
accidentally did wf for the first clip instead of just f.
umm chopped up clips using the cut video cmd exe
split about 4-5 clips extracted the images, facesets etc
swapped the dst about 4-5 times to save time (ihope) rinse and repeat

ONLY pain in the ass was the dude cumming in her mouth part
that was a bitch to edit. and i did NOT use xseg cuz that shit dont work on my pc
used the interactive merger and reduced an area to 66
and went about 250-300 on blurring mask or something that allowed
to crop the bottom of the mouth so it looked natural. you can see when the dude
wanks on her face Ivankas face starts to morph cuz his fist is on top of her face
this fucked with the merging process as it tried to shape her face. no way id
try to edit that part its a pain in the ass but hey happy fapping i guess
this took 4 hours off and on due to having mates in the same house lol fml
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