Ivanka Trump Gets an Anal Lesson

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Celebrities: Ivanka Trump
Original Pornstar: Unknown
Description: lets make america great again with ivanka getting fucked in the ass

h192 experimenting
still think the h128 model that was pretrained for about a million iterations was far superior
than the 192 one for 280k iterations... but the h128 model only recognizes sizes in 256 vs 512...
but alas this is what i had to work with cuz of technicalities.
anyways took like an hour of extracting faces and another 20mins to remove the guys faces
about 10-15mins of mask blurring up to 200-250 beats xseg editing dunno why the creator
doesn't input a cropping feature like that would save SO MUCH time for me imo
some parts looked bad so i had to re render the video in an editing program

I will also be doing Melania Trump :P
Olivia Thirlby
Adriana Lima
alexandria daddario