DF Community model tests: test #1 Batch size, featuring Jennifer Connelly 1

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Celebrities: Jennifer Connelly
Original Pornstar: Solazola
Description: I've not been posting much recently as I'm involved in making a series of model tests, you will see many more of this same video posted in few day where couple of people from certain part of our community will post their results too.

This first series of videos will be to show differences between various batch sizes, that's the only variable between others. I'm not saying which batch size this is as the part of the experiments is to have the community judge their quality without being biased. Models were trained without style power, gan or true face so they might not look as good as they can but the point of the test is to determine basic face generalization, how eyes behave, how facial expressions are reconstructed by the model and how SRC like the result looks.

More content to come soon.
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