Ellie Kemper shots a POV Quickie with her phone - mobile format deepfake.

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Celebrities: Ellie Kemper
Original Pornstar: Unknown
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Just a quick one with Ellie Kemper, I didn't have any good quality scenes with a matching celeb but I wanted to try some of the clips I have with this girl which I forgot her name but she seemed like she could be a good match, it's 2 video stiched together, BJ scene (intro, ending/cumshot) and a fucking scene, hope it's not terrible given the bad quallity of the original clip.

Also this scene was originally in very bad quality 720p so I have upscaled the original clip to 1440p before training and then downscaled to 1080p resolution after merging, still the same DF-UD model as in Billie Eilish video, makes you think how much quality of the source and target matter, FF XSeg (new one).

Let me know if I should make more Ellie, or maybe I should do Rashida Jones? Or maybe for some of my french fans - Marion Cotillard? Billie Eilish VR? Or maybe some of the previous suggestions like Keira Knightly, ScarJo, Freya Allan? Hybrid fake anyone? Or maybe something with 3D characters like Alita or some video game characters? Not sure? Make sure to visit my thread to discuss interesting ideas and make sure to vote in 2 currently running polls for VR cosplay and VR Video Game character polls.

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