Angelina vs Dredd Upgrade: Fan-Dst

Duration: 15:28 Views: 12 579 Submitted: 7 months ago Submitted by:
Celebrities: Angelina Jolie
Original Pornstar: Lana Rhoades
Description: This is a big upgrade for an old Fakeapp 2.2 clip of mine. The clip itself is upgraded to 1080p and extended. Model is now SAE instead of Fakeapp's H64.

This clip started as a base SAE model with Angelina SRC trained to Angelina DST for 250k iterations. Then trained specifically for this clip only for 14k iterations. Turned out pretty well given the short training time. Interior of mouth is not very good when Angelina opens wide. This clip takes about 3x longer to convert vs the same clip using an H128 model. Will try this again with another celeb with 2-3x more training. to see if the mouth interior will improve. My batch size is only 8, so that may be part of the problem.

Will also run this clip with a few celebs using my normal H128 method. (Anne Hathaway up next)
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