TMB-DF 2019 Deepfake Compilation

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Original Pornstar: Various
Description: To celebrate the end of the year 2019, with hopes for better new year I've prepared this little compilation featuring some of my deepfakes... well actually most of them :D

You can clearly see how the quality has improved over time, with some exceptions (you just can't beat a good match and well made dataset, something that's not always possible with all celebs).

For the new year expect more high quality fakes because now that I have made most of the often requested and some of my favorites I'll be able to focus on refining existing models, datasets and make them look even better.

I still haven't raised enough money for a new GPU, I'm hoping that with some more donations I'll be able to finally replace my old 1060 and get something more powerful to be able to switch to SAEHD at higher resolution and decrease time it takes me to process and train these deepfakes.

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Hope you enjoyed my first deepfake compilation!

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Next deepfake: Olivia Thirbly (after the new year).

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Planned deepfakes:

- Rosa Salzar (Maze Runner, Alita)
- Olivia Thirbly (Dredd)
- Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation)
- Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One)
- Hannah Murray (GoT)
- Felicia Day (Youtube)
- Mary Padian (Storage Wars)
- Ellen Page (Juno, Inception)
- Lindsey Stirling (Youtube)
- Animated deepfakes
- Hannah John Kamen (Ready Player One)

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