Angelina Jolie: Dredd Takes that Ass (DFL 2.0 Half Face)

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Celebrities: Angelina Jolie
Original Pornstar: Lana Rhoades
Description: Just to recap these recent videos. All started as a Half Face model that was trained to 6 different Lana Rhoades clips that were all combined into one training set (using Random Warp). Once that was trained, I changed to Learning Rate Dropout and then started training to the series of clips I have posted the last few days. I've rolled the learning rate dropout model forward each item (never changing back to random warp). Several of these clips were not part of the original training set, but all were Angelina-Lana Rhoades. I'm impressed how staying with Learning Rate dropout has performed. The clarity in this clip is pretty great. I'll start working with a 3/4 Face next week.
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