Gwyneth Paltrow loves the feel of cum on her face - POV + XSeg facial!

Duration: 12:21 Views: 27 912 Submitted: 4 months ago Submitted by:
Celebrities: Gwyneth Paltrow
Original Pornstar: Anny Aurora
Description: Gwyneth introduces her new product - GOOP CUUM - facial lotion that literally makes your face like leather bag - because that's what happend here, not sure what caused her face to look all... goopy?

This is my first Gwyneth fake so obviously the dataset needs some improvement, I'm using a not really matched pornstar (face wise) but I think it does work fine with her so I'm thinking of giving it another go and making a 2nd scene so If you guys like it let me know, 'll do it with an older scene I have extracted of Anny Aurora with dataset that has more faces of her from Iron Man 1/2/3 to give it that Pepper Potts look (hence I've choosen Anny as she has both scenes with blonde and more ginger/red hair).

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