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Poppy is an American singer, songwriter and YouTube personality who jumped to fame after her YouTube channel became extremely popular. Interestingly, unlike other artists, Poppy’s YouTube channel comprised of the most abstract stuff that baffled viewers. Her first ever video was one titled ‘Poppy Eats Cotton Candy’ that became extensively popular for the tongue-in-cheek content. Riding high on her success, Poppy embarked on her music career. She came up with her debut single, in 2014, titled ‘Everybody Wants To Be Poppy’ that had a tinge of quirkiness and craziness to it. Critics claimed Poppy to have a strong J- and K-pop influence. Her channel passes a commentary not only on the fact of being on social media but basically being on the internet in general. She constantly skewers the absurdity of people who make living as public figures on the internet. In the recent times, the general tone of her videos has become progressively darker. Music and videos apart, Poppy became the face of Japanese retailer Sanrio's first ‘Hello Sanrio’ collection.

In November 2014, when Poppy posted her first ever video, an abstract skit called ‘Poppy Eats Cotton Candy’ under the direction of Titanic Sinclair on her YouTube channel, it was baffling for her viewers. Though the video was an abstract one, audience were impressed by her smart millennial theatre antics. With time, Poppy gained a substantial following on social media, with fans awaiting each new video, the subjects of which grew ever more absurd and bizarre. In addition to her abstract promotional videos, Poppy performed at various social media festivals, including VidCon in June 2012 and DigiTour in June 2013. She was featured on the rapper Eppic's track, ‘Hide and Seek’, in July 2013.
In 2015, Poppy inked a deal with Island Records, releasing her debut song, ‘Everybody Wants to Be Poppy’. The song opened to mixed reviews. While critics praised its quirkiness and catchiness, it had a sense of bizarreness to it. Nevertheless, her song was such that it made people get up and dance to its punk with ska-pop style. Later in November 2015, Poppy performed at the Corona Capital Festival. A month after her debut single, she came up with her second single ‘Lowlife’, a reggae-tinged jam that would serve as the first track of her debut EP, ‘Bubblebath’. Released in February 2016, her first EP was a four-song set of catchy dance-pop that showcased her musical range and sensibility. In August 2016, Poppy released a series of advertisements for the shoe brand, Steve Madden, on her channel as a part of their Steve Madden Music program. In October 2016, Poppy released an experimental ambient music album called ‘3:36’ (Music To Sleep To), composed by Titanic Sinclair and herself with assistance from polysomnographists from the Washington University School of Medicine. Her channel also has an animated promotional mini-series ‘Everybody Wants to Be Poppy’ in which she documents Poppy and Rex’s journey to find a ‘magical kale smoothie’. Recently in February 2017, Poppy starred in a series of videos for Comedy Central called ‘Internet Famous with Poppy’.
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Born: January 01, 1950
Birthplace:Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Height:5 ft 2 ins (160 cm)

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