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About me: All existing vids I have posted at MrDeepfakes are available for custom work with fast turnaround. I can do custom clips that you pick with your custom celeb . I only work with celebs (movie, tv, fashion, internet (>1M followers), Bollywood). I love porn, so nothing is off the table in terms of what you want in a custom video. PM me at this site for pricing. The more a clip or celebrity is downloaded at this site, the more you will see that same celebrity here at Mr Deepfakes, so support your favorite celebrity by downloading. Bitcoin Donation address has changed: 3BQQyw5fnMANn42a1F7LcGWaXnXyLwdtL6 All custom work must be paid through either bitcoin or through token donation at this site and must be paid in advance. You can easily sign up for a bitcoin account at Coinbase. Dive into my collection and find something you like!

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