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detarious - 12 days ago
W.T.F... How do you do it.... freaking. some more on kat. good show. do tell how you do it, may be other try too
Sextosuguy - 15 days ago
Bro try kajal agarwal and anushka shetty with sunny's body na
maverik17314 - 45 days ago
Try different body on priyanka
indianhubby - 89 days ago
dude please dnt try please
Kr970 - 93 days ago
Please Try to Make Kajal Aggarwal Realistic and in HD, I Know it will take Time & Effort but She is worth it.
VikramBaliar - 109 days ago
Make priyanka fakes. Try to make realistic!
rjnpkr - 111 days ago
Hey all...its my own create ok...im making all videos myself to be clear....its not spam hmmmp
Golu0654 - 111 days ago
Heyyy you are really a good editor please make video of priyanka chopra
dpfks - 140 days ago
I get that you like Bollywood celebs, but requesting this on every video will not make it happen. There are only a limited amount of creators making deepfakes, and each one of us make what we like. No need to spam.