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@ValVenis you'll likely get better results paying a creator then using those websites
Has anyone heard if services like Deep19 and Deepfakesweb are legit?
@Pocketspeed Haha, I don't know. I never like my own videos, it feels a bit dishonest to me, but I don't think there's a problem with doing it.
Is it bad protocol for a deepfaker to "like" their own video? Cuz I just did.... Smile
anybody has facesets i can have?
@kenjathyme Thank you, Exactly what I was after
On another note(might have to make a thread for this) I get a "weird error" when using the cpu-only version of deepfacelab.... it keeps telling me that "no compatible GPUs were found" - how come? - it's supposed to be CPU.
I know I asked before... but I though I'd ask again just for the heck of it...(what can I say, I LOVE this community!) anyways... will a Nvidia GT-710 2GB with 3.5 compute capability, work with DeepFaceLab?
@fresh_gumbo best to ask the developer @iperov if he can explain better, but that's what I've come to learn with the manual extraction process.
@fresh_gumbo when you left click, the green landmarks will turn light-blue, showing you've confirmed. Typically this process is really tedious and I haven't figured out how adding the flag "--manual-fix" to the command line works but typically its supposed to bring up only the frames that didn't automatically detect a face prompting you to do it but I haven't figured it out. Usually most people just use "--dlib" or "--mt" flags in the command line for automatic detection, since this is a fairly tedious process.
@fresh_gumbo when lined up correctly left click to confirm the landmarks and the extraction part of the frame, the red rectangle is what part of the frame will be extracted and outputed to the output path specificied in the extract command line (--output-dir 'path to directory where faces go), Press Enter to go to the next frame, repeat until done.
@fresh_gumbo when the blue rectangle roughly surrounds the face and detects facial landmarks (eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and jawline), a red rectangle will appear, with the landmarks in green. Mouse up/down to and move the blue rectangle where the green landmarks are lined up correctly
@fresh_gumbo Typically what you want to do is use your mouse wheel and mouse wheel up (usually the extractor starts the detection rectangle pretty small), until its roughly the size this rectangle is blue and will follow where your mouse is pointing it.
@fresh_gumbo There's light text explaining in the upper left hand corner for instructions on how to manually extract "Match landmarks with face exactly, Click to Confirm/Unconfirm selection" [Enter] to confirm and continue to the next unmarked frame, [Space] skip to next unmarked frame [Mouse Wheel] Change Rect, [,][.] (Comma, Period Keys) prev frame, next frames [Q] skip remaining frames (Quit Manual Extractor)
@fresh_gumbo typically when manually extracting using the command "python .\ extract --input-dir '[INSERT PATH TO DIRECTORY OF FRAMES FOR EXTRACTION]' --output-dir 'PATH TO DIRECTORY WHERE EXTRACTED FACES GO' --detector manual" brings up the 1st frame of the extraction input folder
@once151025 thats not a thing so
I am currently training in the 2080 Ti environment.
@Cerciusx Thanks man I think I am not explaining what I need properly, I have deepfacelab, I can access 5) data_dst extract faces MANUAL, I just don't understand how it works and cant find anything in the forum or youtube that doesn't talk about removing blackheads
@fresh_gumbo well in the main gir repo it would be simple as ./ extract -i /path/to/pics/ -o /path/to/wherever/
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