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the delete function on comments has been broken forever and I'm getting stupid irrational comments I'd like to delete
hi any one online
What the fuck there are private videos now
Am working on a gal gadot model because of many people asking me politely. bout an hour to go till fully done. Expect to see some fakes in the future.
@awwmfan he was on Tumblr, now moving to another blog similar to tumblr because they banned adult content
I was pretty sure he had a website @awwmfan . could be someone else I'm thinking of though.
Does anyone know how to get in contact with Cymbidium? Is he a member on here? I see his videos posted as "anonymous" but have his watermark.
@Cerciusx hmm I guess the way it works is that we have to delete the alerts. Weird, i'll see if that can be changed
nevermind @dpfks I used the delete all option and it cleared it out.
@dpfks I have a problem where I have a constant forum bell notification - a message from someone. But my replies never send even though they ssay sent and I can't get rid of the notification.
uploaded a new vid with a new model tonight. ellen page. have a better vid coming along so be kind. I think it came out alright though.
@wifepics thanks for reporting it, it's a bug, I'll have to look into it
or has it just been completely disabled? I tried to check my old attachments and they seem to be broken links now. just trying to find out. thanks
Is there a new bug for uploading attachments in a post? i can't seem to upload pics anymore direcly into a reply
No advertising for that. If people want to make money by making deepfakes they'll be able to find these forums easily. Also the issue is there aren't many creators who do paid requests. We generally make fakes of who we want to.
@awwmfan It also draws undue attention. Someone or a website could get hit with copyright or intellectual property rights lawsuits, or non-consensual lawsuits. Start blatantly advertising that someone's making profit off of celebrities or the media that owns them, and there's going to be consequences. Things are bad enough with the media hype about deepfakes. No need to throw gasoline on the fire.
@awwmfan I just feel like it would give the forums the wrong vibe. To me this is a community where people can make and share deepfakes, people don't come here to pay for them. I feel Like putting it on the front page would be making it too big a part of our thing... like people who pay for deepfakes are really few and far between.
@Cerciusx What sorts of problems could arise from advertising that?
@awwmfan I don't think it would be a great idea to advertise very straightforwardly other than in a purpose-built thread that you can make money by creating deepfakes. but thats just me.
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by darkglitch
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Odeya rush topless
12-09-2018, 12:38 PM
by Naturegirls
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12-08-2018, 07:05 PM
by scrap
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