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please more df of katryn bernardo a filipina celeb
More filipina celebrities please
@Cerciusx Yes, it does. I compared an Original model conversion using Warp To Landmarks and not using it, and using it really was better, so now I always tick it anyway, and I work a lot on the alignments files now - really pays off. But yes, on Dfaker, you have to. The other models, it's optional.
@HarryPalmer does dfaker require you to generate a alignments file for every frame like H128? I'm not really keen on that. or can I just add -t dfaker and convert like the original model
No, the whole point is that neither MSG nor Ping pong reduce the quality like Lowmem does. I trained a Dfl-H128 model to 37k epochs using both Ping Pong and MSG, on batch size 12. But you need to know that if you use Ping Pong, you have to cut the reported epochs in half, because Ping Pong splits the training in two, swapping from one faceset to the other. So if Faceswap reports 100k epochs under Ping Pong, you've really only completed 50k epochs. I've been convinced by the devs to move over to Dfaker for better results. Currently training a model on Dfaker at batch size 16 with Ping Pong enabled. You can also enable MSG, but it will really slow the training down a lot if you have both. In my experience, MSG is flakier used by itself, but you can try and see. Definitely gotta make a few experiments.
@HarryPalmer well what the fuck do you know. there it is. Does this affect overall quality? I'm not looking to spend a long time training just to have it muck up my efforts. Not really looking to use pink pong, just the memory saving gradients. what exactly does it do?
@Pocketspeed its just hard seeing all the good stuff coming out and trying to keep up failing, having been here since the beginning its a little disheartening when your cannot progress with the tech you know?
@Cerciusx It will if you update it,. Tools > Check for updates is a bit deceptive, since it not only checks but actually updates. I know you're wary of updates, and I get why, but I don't think you'll be sorry. Ping pong and MSG are a revelation, and you can always back up before the update if you want. Once updated, you'll find both options clearly available in the training window. Check out the extensive chat in the last 24 hours about this on Discord, really it's good news.
@joelatoundra I would ask @mondomonger he seems to be the BJ expert here
@Pocketspeed @HarryPalmer thanks for the support. @HarryPalmer I'm using faceswap. It doesnt have ping=pong and memory saving gradients as far s I know
Hello guys, I'm at 124000epoch and still not dicks in mouth of my fake POV bj scene. In the preview, the face is perfect but the coke is not here. The last fake I did there was no problem with dick in mouth but it was not a bj scene... what do you think about that ?
@Cerciusx Haters gonna hate. As I'm sure you know, this is the internet. There will always be people who are going to criticize you, sometimes just because they want to be jerks. And honestly, sometimes I think that you are a little hard on yourself too. I like most of the stuff you do. You tend to follow your own path, and there will always be people who hate on you for that. Don't let the bastards bring you down.
@Cerciusx - I am running Dfl-H128 without Lowmem using the new VRAM-saving features in the refactor (Memory saving Gradients and Ping Pong). Maxes out at batch size 12 and hella slow, but it works without quality compromise. According to the devs at Discord, nothing to stop me running Dfaker too with those extra settings. I think you have the same as me, 4gb VRAM, so you can access those models too now. Check out the Traininhg thread in Discord.
@frosty3907 Yeah but I'm stuck on LowMem, a good lowmem is still shittier than a bad SAE/H128 :/ I don't want to be that guy who everyone hates because he releases daily and his fakes aren'tgood so they saturate the site
there's always gonna be people on the net telling you that your work sucks. i'm struggling to get good results with the new models even with a 2080ti
So anyway, I guess I'm stuck on the classic lowmem trainer and people have been telling me my fakes look like shit so I'm thinking of just stopping soon because of all these brand new models coming out where are apparently far superior, and I cannot use them on my quadro p2000. I'd rather not muddy the waters with shitty deepfakes anyway when people are making better higher res stuff because they have better cards, I've had people tell me my fakes are good but I can see the progression to higher quality models and at the same time people are telling me my work isn't great so I think theres probably a correlation there. Anyway Just something I'm thinking about If I can't find a way to train higher resolution models. I don't want to keep disappointing people.
~3k src and dst faces
How are the people on the sheet not running out of memory? I've tried copying the settings there and using far lesser and still running out on a 2080ti with 32Gb ram.
4) data_src extract faces S3FD best GPU falied
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03-15-2019, 12:20 PM
by HarryPalmer
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03-12-2019, 11:05 AM
by Klogman
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Catplant ASMR videos.
02-28-2019, 12:47 AM
by dpfks
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Yesterday, 07:05 PM
by Naq
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