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Also depends if you are training from 0 or using a pretrained model, if it's a new model then it's normal to have to wait that long for it to reach such low loss values, especially with lower batch size (I assume, again that you cannot raise it since you are training a higher than 128 resolution model).
increase batch size, it will learn faster, unless it's high res then wait more or you have bad dataset.
*spec P100 batch 8 1700ms per it
with 44 hr training i get loss value with 414 src and 1100 dst like 0 long usually have to wait for 0.02 value...?
@avalentino93 pls share the like of google drive......or put the link in trained model section...Wink
Kinda like pixel loss, if you enable it from start it won't learn properly, it must be disbaled until losses are around 0.22-0.25 and only then disabled (assuming previews are already fairly well defined with it enabled and look like src).
I think it's the random warp... it must be enabled and then only disabled at the very end, otherwise it focuses on the detail but not on the overall face structure so you lose that thing that makes it recognizable... not sure, I'm retraining KRisten video and with it disabled the face is clearly of her but it blurry, will see what happens after some training and once I disable it again.
as for losses, src was around 0.015, dst around 0.02
I don't think Meggan Mallone works that great with Kristen: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. Perhpas it's issue with facial expressions, this is SAE but with the mod so it also has trueface and random warp disabled, same issue ppl have with SAEHD, face isn't that recognizable, I even went into the dataset and deleted all faces where I couldn't tell right away it's Kristen (certain more extreme angles), etc.
@andax You're right, it was background style power. Still weird that it happens IMO, because the face shouldn't be affected that much by the background
Still can't figure out whats up with the color transfer modes with -m suffix, they behave similar to hist match mode in that they cause that shadow around the face mask and if you switch the mask mode for it it dissapears but colors also change.
@ElectroKnight22 I used to always do that, train with no color transfer and then use RCT in conversion, but with TrueFace it ofeten results in weird lighting artifacts so I found the best way is to train with no RCT and then switch it on for few hundred/thousand iterations at the end, depending on the src dataset rct may work better or mkl, lct makes some colors a bit too pronounced and I didn't trynidt since in conversion it makes some weird artifacts.
@andax i dont have it installed at the moment and want to avoid installing it if there is no benefit to it. thats why i asked in the first place
@vogmqdlfc Did you try my 350k SAEHD?
could be the background...
@manana post pictures please
My SRC is clean with even lighting, my DST has some shadows but not too much, I'd say it's pretty even.
I'm getting some really hard shadows on my deepfake, anyone know what causes this?
shoutout to "kkdlux" his 276K LAIE model gave me good preview result within 5000it n now turing on trueface...5th time the charm.... Big Grin
I mean you should just try it and share the results, we don't know anything about your system besides the 2 nvidia cards. If it works good, if it doesn't then show the error Smile
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11-09-2019, 11:33 AM
by HarryPalmer
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